Euphoria Pre Workout
Euphoria Pre Workout
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Euphoria Pre Workout

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Nicholas Mills (United States)

Great clean feeling. Only heard great things and was not dissapointed! Hard hitter forsure.

Keith (United States)
Great pre workout

Very good focus, flavor is great. Definitely would buy again.

Paul (United States)
Pretty solid!

I’m not a super desensitized stim junkie. I stick to a half scoop and it works great! A full scoop would really get me going crazy. Not a super high euphoria after workout feeling but it’s solid, I’d buy again.

Gabriela Fichera (United States)
Fantastic product

Wow. I tried a lot of pre workouts but this one is literally the best. The focus. The energy. Perfect. The shopping was very fast and smooth. Thank you

Craig Nichols (Guam)
Believe the hype, a great high-stim pre workout!

I felt very dialed in and focused on this and felt no negative side effects. Not a sudden slap, more of a progressive energy kick and it stays strong for 2 hours +

Austin (United States)

Good servide

Victor Torres (United States)
It’s amazing

I love it this is a great way to start my heavy days it wake me up fast the tingle feeling is amazing

Bobby Brooklyn (United States)
Euphoric energy

This one definitely hits, clean long lasting euphoric energy, strawberry watermelon tastes pretty good too.

Mr.RemixEverything (United States)

It’s a nice,tasty preworkout. Definitely wakes you up,gives you energy,mood elevation,euphoria and it last a few hours…Felt strong on it & had no crash. I did notice every time I took it,it made me go to the bathroom a lot. More than other pres.. Besides that,I like it a lot.💪

Dorito mcfart (United States)
honey could you bring me another tub of euphoria

The flavor was surprisingly good for the effects and the effects were just as good I’m decently new to high stim pre but this was nice. I usually have to hype myself up before my workout and I didn’t have to think about it and went straight to work. I did notice my resting heart rate was pretty normal but after a hard set I kind of felt a bit faster than normal but it subsided pretty fast. I read some people say the effects last them 4-5 hours i felt a peak around 30-40 minutes and it gradually went down and not much noticeable after two hours which I’m happy with. for the pumps I’ve been eating a bunch of carbs so idk if I can attribute it to this but I did notice a decent pump better than I expected and for the beta it wasn’t very noticeable.