Crack Reloaded Pre Workout
Crack Reloaded Pre Workout
Crack Reloaded Pre Workout
Crack Reloaded Pre Workout
Crack Reloaded Pre Workout
Crack Reloaded Pre Workout
Dark Labs

Crack Reloaded Pre Workout

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NEMO (United States)

Crack Reloaded Pre Workout

c (United States)
Great everyday pre

Awesome focus and energy no crash flavor is solid pumps are solid. I use this as an everyday pre and no issues

carolynne salisbury (Australia)
Crack reloaded - awesome!

Great product would definitely reorder.
Am based in Australia so finding these stim products is difficult but Nutrition Cartel we’re great. Great service!

Krystian (United States)
Crack Reloaded

Great Pre that doesnt have DMAA or DMHA in it. Doesn't have the overall mood elevation you would expect with DMHA or DMAA, but it definitely delivers on its promise of laser focus. I describe this -pre to friends by telling them "it makes it seem like you had ADHD your whole life and someone handed you an Adderall pill". Energy lasts for 3-4 hours and the crash is not terrible like you would experience with some DMHA or DMAA pres. Compared to Dark Energy or Flame V2, the focus is as good if not better, without as much overall Euphoria. There is an initial mood elevation but it levels off and makes way for laser focus that follows quickly after about 20-30 minutes.

arman rezaei (Canada)
Holy ****

Thought this version wouldn’t be as good as the original but it’s amazing and even better than the original version.

Steven Liu (United States)
Crazy monkey aggression!

This leaves you feeling like youre about to explode from your chair and start doing navy seal training! It gets the heart pumping, you feel more aggressive and it basically forces you to start moving. Not much of a euphoric high or a mental stimulus/mood elevation but it also doesnt contain any DMAA and DMHA.

Edgar Luna (United States)
Crack reloaded

First time buying from nutrition cartel. Shipped fast and got the crack reloaded pre-workout in perfect condition. Life changing for me, really goor energy without crash. Have lost weight due yo that keeps me active and controls hunger. It's not the intention but it does for me. 5 stars

Maximilian Kocher (Dominican Republic)
Crack reloaded

Awesome focus and tunnel vision

James Dingess (United States)
It's great

Works well without dhma also

Aidan De Villiers (Canada)
Great Pre Workout

Was looking for a new pre with more stim. initially found Dark Labs preworkout browsing online. The Crack Reloaded was there only pre without DMMA, which living in Canada this drug in prohibited. So naturally I was drawn towards the Crack reloaded as it is they'er first product without DMMA. Found I better price with Nautical Cartel, happy with my order. This pre workout is a high stim pre, I usually only go half to quarter scoop as I workout quite late and prefer to sleep well at night. Even with a low dosage you can still feel the affects of the pre and get a more intense workout.