Molotov Stim Free Fat Burner
Molotov Stim Free Fat Burner
Molotov Stim Free Fat Burner
Molotov Stim Free Fat Burner
Apollon Nutrition

Molotov Stim Free Fat Burner

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R.D. (United States)

I like taking this with my preworkout. It's noticeably effective, really helping me work up a sweat and burn off a few extra calories. You don't have to wonder if it's doing something. Once it kicks in, you KNOW you've taken it! Great service again from Nutrition Cartel, the best place for supps as far as I'm concerned.

Sergio Castrejon (United States)
Human Torch

Not gonna lie this supplement made me feel like I was part of the fantastic four. Two hours of working out and sweating like crazy. Best thermogenic supplement on the market.

Todd Jones

Awesome. Definitely gets me heated up. I usually sweat through 3 t-shirts and 3 sweatshirts...

Frank farnung (United States)
Fire literally

By far the best non stimulant fat burner on the market this stuff is no joke does the job and some

Mark C (United States)
Feel the burrrrrrrnnnnn

Awsome product. You start to sweat within minutes of your workout.

Michael Lipscomb (United States)
Maybe a little too potent...

I purchased this to replace another supplement I like, but was becoming hard to find in stock these days. This has essentially the same nutrition and dosages on the label, but I made theistake of starting off with the full dose. I broke out in a sweat like the worst fever of my life. It does what it says it will as a thermogenic. That in mind - no thermogenic is a magic pill. No supplement is a magic pill. You have to have your diet, sleep, and exercise figured out first. Once you have those three things figured out, and only then, this thermogenic will start to help you get beyond the plateau and closer to your goal. I have lost 7 pounds in 30 days with this product after hitting a plateau for the past 90 days.
Give it a shot if you want to sweat. Read and follow the dosage on the lable. Start with a half dose, and work up to a full dose. 30 days in and I still take only a half dose, but take it twice a day. Drink PLENTY of water on this supplement.

Adam Cusack (United States)
Great product

Excellent service and fast shipping. Product makes me sweat like a whore in church. Probably one of the best fat burners I ever bought