Lullaby Sleep Aid
Lullaby Sleep Aid
Lullaby Sleep Aid
Lullaby Sleep Aid
Lullaby Sleep Aid
Lullaby Sleep Aid
Lullaby Sleep Aid
Lullaby Sleep Aid
Muscle Force

Lullaby Sleep Aid

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Michael Marxer (United States)
Sweet dreams

I’m a fan

Aric (United States)
Very good sleep aid

I really like this product. Definitely helps you get into a deep sleep. You wake up feeling refreshed, I even had to get up in the middle of the night, and I did not feel overly tired, but when I went back to bed, I could feel myself being pulled into a deep sleep, which was able to be maintained throughout the night. I would’ve given this product five stars, but, Ninja Zen seems to work the best for me and it is slightly better. But this comes in a very close second. If you need a good sleep aid, you can’t go wrong with this one. YouTube video placeholder
Ryan J (United States)
KO Sleep Aid

This stuff will send you into LA LA Land. I like to take it on Saturday when i know i will get plenty of sleep. Within 30 Min if taking this you are out like Mike Tyson KO'd you. You will be KO'd until the next morning. You may feel a a little groggy next morning but after 30 min you good to go. I recommend for a deep sleep aid. Also I got the peach flavor and it was really good

J.D (United States)
Amazing Rest & Adrenal Reset without harmful side effects

I am a huge fan of Muscleforce and this Sleep aid is the best money can buy. No phenibut or monster GABA means this is safe to take 5x a week. Great relaxation followed by a deep knockout effect with no morning grog. Nutri-cartel is my absolute favorite supplement shop online…… great prices, lots of popular items in stock and the customer service is truly next level. Good shipping also. 10/10 for lullaby & nutri-cartel

Michael Lettieri (United States)
Good stuff

I was satisfied with the sleep aid. Made me fall asleep much faster than not taking anything. I took a half hour before bed and it didn’t make me feel groggy the following day. It would be 5 stars if it wasn’t for the high price.

Kimberly (United States)
The Search is OVER!!!

This is an almighty sleep aid. One of my biggest problems with getting a good night of QUALITY sleep is that I don't stay asleep throughout the night.

Lullaby solves this problem for me. The nights that I take Lullaby if I do wake up (i.e. go to the bathroom, or hear the neighbors) I go back to sleep right away.
It doesn't leave me feeling groggy in the morning. I do notice mood elevation after waking (15-30 minutes.)

The first night I took this I felt like I went into a time warp- it knocked me out, when I woke up I felt like no time had passed and I was ready to take on the day.

This is an excellent product to take on those night's where you had a stress day .

michael orourke
This worked

I took one scoop before bed (I suggest using a food scale.) took me about 30 mins to fall asleep. The next day I woke up feeling soo refreshed. I will be buying more. The peach is a great flavor.