Defiant Unleashed Yayo Pre Workout
Defiant Unleashed Yayo Pre Workout
Defiant Unleashed Yayo Pre Workout
Defiant Unleashed Yayo Pre Workout
Defiant Unleashed Yayo Pre Workout
Defiant Unleashed Yayo Pre Workout
Muscle Force

Defiant Unleashed Yayo Pre Workout

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Landon Miller (United States)
Good pre just clumpy

I like the pre a lot only thing I don’t like is the flavor which is whatever but mainly the clumping even the day I got my package shipped it’s been very clumpy

Bradford Brown (United States)
Great Product

This product checked all the boxes of what I desire in a pre-workout. Super fast shipping. I frequently but from Nutri Cartel since I discovered their great service. Being in the same state is a bonus.

Neb (Serbia)

One of the best pre workouts I ever tried.Thumbs up for the product and company.Strenght cartel got fastest delivery in the world

Defiant unleashed

One of the best preworkouts I ever used!!

Nik (United States)
Might be my new favorite

This is an excellent all-rounder. It has a good amount of everything you want in a pre workout without being overwhelming. Good pumps, mood elevation, and most importantly: energy. Pick this one up while it’s available, you won’t regret it. I’d say this is one I feel comfortable taking a few times a week as it isn’t overly strong. The only downside is that the flavor is pretty medicinal. But other than that it’s basically perfect!

D B (United States)
Defiant unleashed Yayo Pre Workout

I started off with a half scoop , and earlier in the morning, very subtlely head focused, I train with boxing, and occasionally circuit, with a little toning with light weights, definitely worked up a sweat.
I then tried a three quarter scoop , very focused on hard work . I wouldn’t advise taking late afternoon.
Overall impression it helps intensify the training.
Definitely would hydrate. I honestly have to give it a few more months to see how the body deals with it.

phillip rivera (United States)
Killer supplements

Fast delivery, great customer service, amazing supplements

Maximus Mares (United States)
Love this prework

This is one of the best pre-workouts I have used it gives me insane energy and keeps me focused the full time 💪🏼 I'm definitely buying this one again

Jamaal (Canada)
Great pre workout

Would definitely order again, it’s now my second bottle and I haven’t been more excited before!

Kurt (United States)

My go to high stim preworkout. Great stimulus and great pumps.