Herolean Fat Burner
Herolean Fat Burner
Herolean Fat Burner
Herolean Fat Burner
Dark Labs

Herolean Fat Burner

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Tania (United States)

Hard to find pre. Well packaged. Delivered just on time.

Benjamin Michael (United States)
Herolean Fat Burner

Love this fat burner. Use it sometimes as a pre workout but doesn’t have the beta alanine I like in the morning. Use it in the afternoons to get through long work shifts sometimes. Gives me a good sweat and usually last a good 8 hours. Will buy again

Russell McMahon (United States)
Not as hype

I’ve used this a few times since ordering it, and to be completely honest, I’m not that impressed. It definitely lacks that punch you would expect given the ingredients and Dark Pabs reputation. It’s got the same kind of energy kick as any 300mg caffeine energy drink at the grocery store. Definitely not worth the hefty price tag. Look elsewhere especially if you’re a stim junkie.

david jarrell (United States)
Getting more

New PR on bench, after a ten hr work day

Wildfire Maguire (United States)
Great for that extra cardio output!

Great time using this fatburner on days when I want to go heavy on cardio. I felt like I was missing the beta alanine tingles when I first took this, so it could definitely pair well with a non-stim pump formula. 2 mile run to the gym, by the time I got to the gym I felt like I should definitely run more instead. Another 30 minutes on weights and I felt like running again so I did a few more miles after the gym. The one downside I think is that the warming sensation that dark labs report is a bit overstated, but I wasn’t really going for that anyway, I just wanted something to push me harder on cardio and this definitely does it!
Nutricartel is definitely my favorite distributor to order from, I got my order within 3-4 days after placing my order and was geared up to give it a shot the next day.

Paul Cornelius (United States)
Sweating up a Storm!

I'm on my second order of this fat burning pre-workout and I have to say it's the best fat burner I've ever used. I mix it with El Jefe pre-workout and I'm good for a couple hours of cardio and weights with no crash.

J.Illey (United States)
This is really a 4.8 - here's why

This is a great preworkout. Tons of energy with a very small amount per serving - 6.7 grams per serving. I'm sweating buckets within mins of walking on a treadmill so imagine using it when actually lifting heavy or doing some intense cardio. The reason why I give it a 4.8 is because since it's such a intense preworkout, the anxiety I get from it is somewhat overwhelming. If you don't have anxieties about anything, this preworkout will help you lean out. My results have been really good during my cut that even though my anxiety is strong, I'm willing to buy more in the future.

Jay (Canada)
Serious stuff

I love this fat burner. I use it as a pre workout frequently as well. But it is very high stim and is not to be messed around with!

Stephen (United States)
The best

One of the best fat burners ive tried. Such clean energy that last for hours.

Snag (United States)

Original formula was higher stim but this is a very smooth ride. Gives me sniffles tho