Herolean Fat Burner
Herolean Fat Burner
Herolean Fat Burner
Herolean Fat Burner
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Herolean Fat Burner

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J.Illey (United States)
This is really a 4.8 - here's why

This is a great preworkout. Tons of energy with a very small amount per serving - 6.7 grams per serving. I'm sweating buckets within mins of walking on a treadmill so imagine using it when actually lifting heavy or doing some intense cardio. The reason why I give it a 4.8 is because since it's such a intense preworkout, the anxiety I get from it is somewhat overwhelming. If you don't have anxieties about anything, this preworkout will help you lean out. My results have been really good during my cut that even though my anxiety is strong, I'm willing to buy more in the future.

Jay (Canada)
Serious stuff

I love this fat burner. I use it as a pre workout frequently as well. But it is very high stim and is not to be messed around with!

Stephen (United States)
The best

One of the best fat burners ive tried. Such clean energy that last for hours.

Snag (United States)

Original formula was higher stim but this is a very smooth ride. Gives me sniffles tho

Walter Juengling (United States)
Decent but previous formula better

This does have some good energy to it but I find myself grinding my teeth and irritating my jaw after the work out. I don’t know what stim is doing it but yeah, and I don’t sweat as much as previous formula. The previous was over the top though. if I took a full scoop, my heart would race, heavy breathing, and distract the workout. This new formula I don’t get that, the negative is my jaw gets aggravated from wanting to grind my teeth.. and in both the caffeine last to long, I wonder if there’s shorter actives for caffeine.

Aaron Mendoza (United States)
Herolean is GAS


Jorge Gallegos (United States)
Herolean Fat burner 🔥

Best fat burner so far! Make you sweat a lot!.

Aaron Mays (United States)
It's great pre workout

Very powerful
Helps you rip through your workouts

Shannon Moore (Canada)
It really works and tastes pretty good!

I started with a half scoop and even that I noticed gave the jump I wanted as well as suppressed my appetite without a crash. I have used a full scoop but I’m too sensitive so I just do half 2x/day but no later than 6pm! I’ll be reordering!

Crazy sweat !

First thing first : don't dry scoop it ! It's so acid it will burn your tongue and throat.
Second : yes, it's a tiny scoop, and there's a good reason for that : massively dosed ! Don't take a rounded scoop (as I did and almost drown in my sweat).

3) Be ready (mentally, and with your clothes ALL DAY, not only the WO ones if you train first thing in the morning) to absorb a ton of sweat. 10minutes after swallowing Herolean, sweat started dripping from my forehead while I was just chilling ! Insane sweat during the WO, and feeling very warm all day long.

4) Expect cold sweats too. That's very weird.

5) Appetite crushed. Completely gone. Had to force myself to eat one meal a day (didn't think about food the rest of the day).

6) I'm used to hardcore stim preWOs and I don't find that this one is not very strong.

7) Happily surprised that I didn't get nauseous, despite alpha yo (which usually makes me feel blah).

8) No jitters, calm and positive mood, good focus, no aggressiveness.

9) Not for an everyday use, or you'll need to add some electrolytes to your drinks, in order to fight dehydration !

10) Never never never use during summer days ! ! !