Dark Labs Maniaco Pre Workout
Dark Labs Maniaco Pre Workout
Dark Labs Maniaco Pre Workout
Dark Labs Maniaco Pre Workout
Dark Labs

Dark Labs Maniaco Pre Workout

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Errick Acker (United States)
Maniaco Dark Labs Pre

Amazing product with great energy and unbelievable taste.

James P. (United States)
Love it 🔥

Very clean yet strong energy. One of my favorite pre’s I’ve ever had

Peter Frankman (United States)
GGH knows it all

I loved this preworkout, not too harsh but a great pre that gives a lot of energy.

Matthew Brown
Dark Labs Maniaco 5 star

I took Maniaco for the first time on Friday morning for my chest workout. The energy hit hard and fast. As I started the warm up I noticed my heart rate jumped up in no time and stay high throughout the workout and for quite some time afterwards, but it was not a bad feeling. After the warm up I go hit with drive and motivation and was able to increase my incline dumbbell press from using 80s up to using the 90 lbs dumbbells. Then there was the intense pumps that felt amazing. After the workout I still had hours of energy and felt like I had to keep moving, burning calories for the rest of the day. I love this product and will buy it again!!!!!

Ali.G (United Arab Emirates)
the best collab ever

check out my quick review below

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Westin Alderdice (United States)
Killer pre work out!!!

This is the best feeling high stim pre work out I have ever tried! It's my first dark labs product and you can tell the ingredients are clean and well sourced. GGH has the synergy of the ingredients down pat! I haven't done more than a half scoop and it hits hard, you can easily make it 40 servings!

Jose Juan Garcia (United States)

Awesome stuff here! Love the garage gym homie. Such a good dude

Nate (United States)
Not too bad !!

I love that the formula is simple but still is a heavy hitter and to make it even better this is by far the best tasting dark labs product so far !!

Gotta pumping up (United States)
One if not the strongest preworkouts over others

Have many Dark labs pre workout
This one take the #1 sport cause of the effects. It had me pumping iron like nothing else. Was flying high never knew when I was coming down. This totally it's a Upper state of mind !!!

Boy I like this one truly it Pina or another of coolatta !!!! FIRE 🔥

Dark Labs
The one any only GGH a.k.a MR. Maniaco him self. Keep them coming homie 💯

Jovan Rivera (United States)

Amazing taste, Super effective, It does what the label says its supposed to do. Love it.