Crash Sleep Aid
Crash Sleep Aid
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Crash Sleep Aid

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Jason Wright (United States)

Puts me out in about 30-45 minutes.

Bob Adams (United States)
Not bad at all

I like to switch up my sleep aids. I have liked some of the other products they have so I gave this a try. Worked real well. I sleep pretty good and had an amazing recovery. Would definitely recommend this sleep aid.

Jacob Burdette (United States)
I like it

I sleep well normally getting right between 6 and a half to 7 and a half hours. I find normally I can't sleep anymore than that regardless of how long the workday was alongside a hard workout. I took this at a rounded scoop and I slept just shy of ten hours. It took about 20 minutes before I started to notice it effecting me. Within 45 minutes I was asleep. I did wake up once for the restroom but fell asleep almost immediately once I got back to bed. Waking up I felt very well rested (usually if I get over 9 hours I'm groggy) and felt fully awake within 5 minutes. Definitely not a morning person so it was nice being able to get up and at em immediately when most mornings require a 45 minute wind up. As a plus the taste was actually great. I'm only taking this as a weekend treat so it will be a while before I need a refill but I'll definitely be getting me more.

T.S. (United States)
Always Works

Great for sleep, have a good mood when waking up. The pheni isn't so strong; it is in the zone for me.

James Dingess (United States)
Pretty hardcore

Knocks me out

John Cano (United States)
Vices & Vibes “Crash”

I was having difficulty getting good recovery sleep, 3 to 4 hours was not enough, after watching a lot of reviews, I was excited to try Crash. I have been very happy with the results, according to my smart watch I’m getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep and at least over an hour of deep sleep, which is a great improvement. I will be buy some more👍

Reyhan Samoon (New Zealand)
Great sleep

Awesome product

Prasanth P (India)

Crash Sleep Aid

Kandy Traylor (United States)

Good stuff

Christopher Lawton (United States)
Name Says It All

This product lives up to its name big time. It puts me out and I wake up feeling refreshed. I wish this formula could stay forever because it does not disappoint. If I know I have time and desperately need sleep, this is a must use.