Ninja Zen Sleep Aid
Ninja Zen Sleep Aid
Ninja Zen Sleep Aid
Ninja Zen Sleep Aid
Ninja Zen Sleep Aid
Ninja Zen Sleep Aid
Ninja Zen Sleep Aid
Ninja Zen Sleep Aid
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Ninja Zen Sleep Aid

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Customer Reviews

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Isaac Baez (United States)
Feel the Zen

Felt well rested when I woke up the next morning which doesn’t happen often. 4 star review due receiving product with clumped up powder.

Michael E (United States)
Great Sleep and Relaxation!

Felt incredibly relaxed and slept deeply through the night. Puts you to bed and keeps you rested for great sleep and recovery!

Justin Scott

Amazing product! Deep peaceful sleep with no grogginess in the morning. Feel well rested and ready to go each time you take it

Ed Gray (United States)
Great stuff

Will be ordering again from here

Frank farnung (United States)
Love it

Fantastic sleep aid amazing product would use again for sure

Ted Bourne (United States)
Loaded sleep formula!

This is definitely the most fully loaded formula your going to find at the moment I’ve tried them all for the last 6-7 years I consider this the standard can’t go wrong with this one

Nicolas Adler (United States)
The Best

You could have your mind whirling before bed, thinking about the next day, what you need to do ect. Ninja zen will still put you to sleep and give you a great night of sleep.

Ryan J (United States)
Best I Have Tried

This is an amazing sleep aid. This is not a knock you formula which I like. It makes you feel warm and fuzzy while you gradually get sleepy. You will sleep deep through the night. The best part is you don't wake up groggy the next morning. You just feel highly refreshed. Would highly recommend. Plus the flavor is good

Jon Wooldridge (United States)
The Zen you need... (Strawberry Hibiscus)

Do you have trouble sleeping? Is life simply not exhausting enough? If you're like me and can't sleep soundly after getting shit on at work all day because the kids won't stop crying at night, then this is the product you need. Ninja Zen is an all-in-one sleep formula that checks every box imaginable. Great tasting? Check. Fast acting? Check. Lasts throughout the night? Check. Just add one scoop to your child's night-time water after bedtime preparations and in about 20 minutes, you'll be able to finally enjoy that deep sleep you've always wanted without distraction.

Seriously, not for kids. Will knock you the F** out even while you're clapping your girl's cheeks. Just take it after playtime, before bedtime, and relax in pure tranquility. Vivd dreams are to be expected.

JB (United States)
Gets the job done

Wouldn't use it every night. But it works when needed.