SuperHuman Sleep
SuperHuman Sleep
SuperHuman Sleep
SuperHuman Sleep
SuperHuman Sleep
SuperHuman Sleep
SuperHuman Sleep
SuperHuman Sleep
SuperHuman Sleep
SuperHuman Sleep
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SuperHuman Sleep

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Kyle Bowden (United States)
Amazing Sleep Supplement

This supplement works better than others I’ve tried for sleep support.

I usually feel more groggy and unable to wake up with other supplements, but this one is a more gradual send off to sleep and I usually wake up feeling recharged.

Worth picking up and seeing if it works for you!

Tyler Whaley (United States)
Superhuman slaughtermelon

Good flavor works moderate but my body is stubborn. Somotomax is the hardest one I use it knocks me out but this is a more frequent use.

Brian Wilson (United States)
Great product

Sleep like a rock

Joseph Mcgraw (United States)
Definitely will buy again

Great product! Helps me get a full 8hrs of sleep

Frank (United States)
Great sleep aid.

Helps out a lot with getting to sleep and staying asleep. No weird melatonin dreams either. Feel good and rested in the morning.

William Woods
Superhuman Sleep

Well this stuff does definitely help me sleep but I will say it usually gives me some crazy dreams. One time it had me dreaming such crazy dreams that it caused me to wake up. I started using half a scoop and it seems to be better so just a heads up you may need to play around with the dose. Fruit punch flavor wasn't too bad, not great but just okay.

Jacob Mynatt (United States)
Great Stuff

Bro this stuff works as good if not better than other sleep aids

Mel Befus
Ninja Sleep Aid

Good flavor, nice smooth wind down before bed
No morning grogginess

Mark Cenon (United States)
Great Sleep!

This stuff knocks me out. Nutrition Cartel shipped and processed promptly, wonderful service always!

Derek (United States)
Best Sleep Aid

This is hands down the best sleep Aid I've ever used. I don't feel groggy in the morning, and I get good deep sleep. I have had trouble sleeping my whole life and have tried everything from melatonin to ambien, and this is by far the best. I don't care too much for the flavor, but I don't care about that.