SuperHuman Sleep
SuperHuman Sleep
SuperHuman Sleep
SuperHuman Sleep
SuperHuman Sleep
SuperHuman Sleep
Alpha Lion

SuperHuman Sleep

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Josh Smith (United States)
Actually works without leaving you groggy after

Taken about 20 minutes before bed, I found this to actually work to allow my mind and body to calm down enough to fall asleep. While it didn't keep me asleep for 6 hours, it still allowed me to fall back asleep when waking up, without tossing for hours. One really nice attribute is that it won't leave you feeling drugged or groggy like Nyquil

G. Cervantes (United States)
Noght night

Total relaxation. If you battle restlessness give this a try. Sleep so sound a d ready to go the next morning.

James Dingess (United States)
Works great

In my top four

Jill Hess (United States)
Super sleep!

This is by far the very best sleep aid and recovery aid I have ever used! I have tried a lot of supplements, and this helps you fall and stay asleep with no groggy wake up in the morning. I have found my match with Superhuman Sleep

Andy Lowrey (United States)
Nice sleep aid!

I’ve been through 8 bottles and this is my go to for sleep aid. I have learned that this product in-terms of an aid is the best I’ve tried compared to other brands. I do try to alternate it and take when needed vs every night.

Luke Lecroy (United States)

Superhuman sleep is a great sleep aid!

Alfonso Garcia Jr (United States)
Sleepy time

I take it 45 mins before I plan on going to bed and I start nodding out 30 mins in and feel like a baby being swaddled nice and tight and wake up feeling refreshed

Cody McCullar (United States)
Superhuman Sleep

Great sleep with this product. I haven’t noticed any weight loss. But overall a good sleep aid. Shipping was fast and service was great.

Raymond’s Realm (United States)
Love it

Not much to say, this is one of my favorite sleep aids next to PrimeEvils EAA Sleep. I do normally go with PrimeEvil due to their deals, but both are good.

DParis (United States)
A Must-Have Supplement

Alpha Lion hit the spot with Super Human Sleep. I begin feeling its effects 15-20 minutes after consuming - a smooth, calm fade into a deep sleep. If I wake up in the middle of the night I'm able to quickly fall back asleep. I feel well rested and recovered the next day. I really like the Tropical Terminator flavor too.