Apollon The Last Emperor
Apollon The Last Emperor
Apollon The Last Emperor
Apollon The Last Emperor
Apollon Nutrition

Apollon The Last Emperor

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Nick Lee (United States)
Premium Quality

Strength gains and pumps were noticeable immediately with this product. You get what you pay for.

Luke Hasnudeen (United States)
This is legit- effective and will reorder.

I legit look and feel fuller- more aggression in the gym and deeper sleep with more vivid dreams. This is the ultimate natty muscle builder on the block. Worth every penby

Carlos Montejo (United States)
This is a good natty muscle builder

Incant believe all the stuff they threw in this product. This really does make a difference if all your other stuff is on point

Effective So Far

Detailed review coming soon. But have been taking this now for four weeks, and am noticing positive improvements. More muscle fullness, more vivid dreams and more strength. Note for effects, you have to ensure your training and diet is on point otherwise you are wasting your money.

Craig Pavkovich JR (United States)
So far so good

So far I feel a bit stronger and seem to be sleeping better since starting The Last Emperor. I'll need more time before I can give a final review.

Jim G (United States)
Great product

Been taking it for about a week...so not a full bottle review but I will say my aggressiveness in the gym has gone up these last few days...so excited to finish the bottle..keep killing it apollon and great service nutri cartel