Chaos Fat Burner V4
Chaos Fat Burner V4
Chaos Fat Burner V4
Chaos Fat Burner V4
Chaos Fat Burner V4
Chaos Fat Burner V4
Apollon Nutrition

Chaos Fat Burner V4

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Andy Fallon (United States)
Chaos Fat Burner V4

Overall the product was good and I have been seeing decent results. I read several reviews talking about the sweat they experienced taking this product, but I personally did not experience this. I felt more alert and energetic, which helped with my workouts, but that heavy sweat I was hoping for was not realized.

UR (United States)
Sweat Machine

Decided to go with 2 capsules instead of 4. Still waiting to see the results but can definitely feel the GBB

zac beyer (United States)
my new favorite supplement store!

Everything that I have tried from apollon nutrition is great. Some of their stuff is very pottant but that just means it will last you longer. Nutri Cartel is even better! yeah you may have to pay for shipping, but they always have deals, and the customer rewards will pay for the shipping. Most companies don't ask you how you liked the last product at all they do it all the time and before the try to sell you something else. not sure if I have even got a e-mail saying buy this buy that we will give you a measly 10 percent off (Kris G.) (bb.c). I wish they just carried more stuff. That being said this companies shipping, and customer service is great! Thank you, Nutri cartel, for setting high standards.

William Owen (United States)
Chaos sums it up!

I've taken many different fat burners and nothing has come close to this. I can only handle 2 at a time. You'll sweat for 3-4hrs. no matter what you do. Great for gym but not before work! Highly effective for excess water and shredding. Nothing compares to this!

Seams to work

I take a full dose of chaos stacked on a half dose of Overtime. The thermogenics obviously works as I sweat a lot more, and the caffeine boost and focus is obvious with the stack. Appetite suppressant doesn’t seam to have to much effect if any for me. Cannot comment on weight loss yet as I was already down 30 pounds when I started taking so it’s kinda hard to tell how well it’s working in that aspect. Overall I like it.

R.D. (United States)

This is a great choice for fat burning and energy. If you are used to stimulants already, then the energy kick is not massive, but it is noticeable enough to be useful. It's a great alternative to buying sugary energy drinks plus the cost per serving makes it an excellent choice. And the service from Nutrition Cartel is fast and reliable as always!

ABVKV chen johnny (United States)

great product to take

Travis Lovell (United States)
Look more cut

300 mg of caffeine are in each serving and you take two servings a day, keep that in mind.

Kenneth Macklin (United States)
So far so good.

Just started taking it but so far, so good. Good energy without the crash. I’ll update after 30 days.

Emma Luons (United Kingdom)

Good product and super quick delivery