Specimen WorldWide (V2) Pre-Workout
Specimen WorldWide (V2) Pre-Workout
Specimen WorldWide (V2) Pre-Workout
Specimen WorldWide (V2) Pre-Workout

Specimen WorldWide (V2) Pre-Workout

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Salvador Mojica (United States)
Good Taste better Pump

Really enjoyed this product, tasted lovely and had a nice pump

SPZ (United States)
Use it quickly

This one works really well for me in the energy department and carries me nicely through the day after a workout. I’m on my second tub. Only reason I can’t give it 5 stars is that after opening the tub it only lasts a couple months before it turns to goo, not clumping, goo. I’ve had pre’s last over a year in my arsenal but for whatever reason this one doesn’t. Good stuff otherwise

Jef (Northern Mariana Islands)

Decent clean pre workout

Michael Mendoza (United States)
Sneaky Strong!

As someone who doesn’t handle yohimbine well, I’m not able to try a lot of the high stun preworkouts on the market. Needless to say, I’ve never had the pleasure of experience any of Glaxons Specimen versions, until now. I have to say, this thing is sneaky strong. Looking at the label, 300mg of caffeine is on the lower end, so I was comfortable with that, but what I experienced was something much stronger, but not in a bad way. The energy is strong but not overpowering, it’s very smooth, very uplifting and I definitely felt the niacin flush, that everyone who knows Glaxon, can appreciate. Pumps in this were solid as a stand-alone and I really enjoy the astrolyte component in here, especially since I train first thing in the morning. I experience zero crash afterwards and the energy still stays strong after working out. I had the Alien Pop flavor and it’s really refreshing in ice cold water. It’s like a citrusy type blend. Overall, this preworkout is stellar and in true Glaxon fashion, is a top notch product!

Yazid Alzahrani (Saudi Arabia)
Everyday PWO

Specimen V2 is nice everyday pre-workout , just when you need enough energy for light exercises, Very mellow and gentle formula.

I'm used to high stims and this pre gives me enough push to hit the gym, nothing crazy.

Shipping was fast and customer service is great, i love purchasing from NC.