Tranquility Sleep Aid
Tranquility Sleep Aid
Tranquility Sleep Aid
Tranquility Sleep Aid
Tranquility Sleep Aid
Tranquility Sleep Aid
Tranquility Sleep Aid
Tranquility Sleep Aid

Tranquility Sleep Aid

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Emir (United States)
Great Formula and Taste

The flavors are amazing. Definitely one of the best sleep products out in the market.

Michael Mendoza (United States)
Mama Said Knock You Out!

Man oh man, what can I say about Tranquility other than amazing! Seriously, this product absolutely delivers on every single word it promotes on the label. Deep sleep, recovery, and waking up refreshed and rejuvenated! This product has never made me feel groggy or have issues waking up. When my alarm goes off and it’s time to go, I’m ready. I also like the inclusion is astrolytre for hydration purposes, though it does make me have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, I’m able to go right back to sleep. Vivid dreams on this are incredibly realistic! Also, because this product delivers so amazingly well, I never use a full serving and usually do half a serving to at most 3/4’s a serving on nights I know I can get extra sleep. Honey Bourbon and Voodoo Cola flavors taste great! Overall, Tranquility is an absolutely fantastic sleep and recovery product and gets the highest of recommendations!

Josh (United States)
Tranquility by Glaxon

I like Tranquility a lot. It helps you off to sleep softly. One scoop is effective for me, i take two if i really want to go down. The Midnight Cherry flavor is delicious.

Derek (United States)
Great taste, great sleep

Can't go wrong with this product. All the flavors are great!

Bobby Dussault (United States)
Love Glaxon!

I take this 5x a week to relax at night during the week. Tastes great + dreams are vivid!

Hugo Moreno (United States)
Mixed feelings

Sometimes taking pre workout for night workouts ain’t it becuase you won’t sleep for shit this does relax your body but not your mind for needing to sleep over all 7/10