Smack Pre-Workout
Smack Pre-Workout
Smack Pre-Workout
Smack Pre-Workout
Smack Pre-Workout
Smack Pre-Workout
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Smack Pre-Workout

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Zachary Sandoval (United States)
Good stuff

Great pre workout!

Karyn Berlin (United States)
Smack PreWorkout

I am a woman and so I started with a half serving and it did the job well. I felt great, had energy and endurance to go for an entire Festivus Event. I did not experience a heavy crash or headache. The one thing I would change is maybe using an alternate sweetener like stevia or erythritol as opposed to sucralose as sucralose has adverse effects on the gut microbiome. But its great.

Brian Ambriz (United States)

Made me feel like I was competing for olympics. Good mental

Wyatt Nelson (United States)
Zeus pre workout

Amazing focus and all around experience. Similar to excelsior

Jorge Aviles (United States)
Good all around high stim pre

Good pre workout with great mood elevation , good focus and decent pumps
Only reason I'm giving 4 stars is cuz the comedown made me sleepy 😴

JP Boot (United States)
This is a winner

Smack hits hard, great focus and has really good mood elevation. I highly recommend!

J. Man
Great Nootropic/Mood/Focus

It doesnt hit like most pres. Energy is very smooth, and gradually comes on. Very nice and high euphoria feeling with insane mood boost. Smack leaves me feeling focused and happy for hours after the gym. It's a very nice nootropic and mood elevating pre workout. Complete opposite of crazy high stimulate jittery feeling competitors out there. I recommend giving it a go. It's almost like a mix of OG Brainblitz and Pre Phase KO combined. Great smooth energy boost, but the most noticeable is the nootropic benefits. Thanks Cartel

Jacob Lara (United States)
Smack is legit

I’m a huge stim junkie / high stim pre fan, and I gotta say I will definitely be adding this one to my arsenal weekly . Energy is smooth and long lasting, mood elevation is right , flavor is good too. Great product !

C. (United States)

I waited a long time for this and it did not disappoint! I had a steady steady focus throughout a regular lift session. I feel this would be perfect for a HIIT day. Taste was super good and I’ll be adding this to my rotation for sure!

Rust C.M. (United States)
I'm Flying

This pre-workout is wild. The mood elevation is amazing and you can go on for hours. I work out early so its important the pre-workout hits and carries me for a few hours. Crazy mood elevation and energy, pumps are decent but not the star of the show by a long shot