Sinister Pre Workout
Sinister Pre Workout
Sinister Pre Workout
Sinister Pre Workout
Sinister Pre Workout
Sinister Pre Workout
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Sinister Pre Workout

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Paul (United States)

I know that many people consider Sinister to be a “high-stim” preworkout, but I find that it my go-to on a daily basis. There are other preworkout products that I use for my high-stim days. Excellent product!

Richie (United States)
Checks all the boxs

This is strong and well balanced pre work out

Jaqueline Ramirez :) (United States)

Best pump best pre. Would buy again

Isaac Chisholm (United States)
My favorite so far!

I have bad ADHD so stims hit a bit differently for me. Most high stim pres I’ve tried, (crack reloaded, el jefe) didn’t do too much but just eke are my heart rate too high. This stuff is smooth and has a great mood elevation. Definitely will be getting again.

john silva (United States)
Great pre

Energy pump and all you need

FairRater (United States)
Great pre-workout that *might* serve as a daily driver (depends)

This is a great pre workout that *might* be a used a daily driver. I say *might* because this is quite strong and might be considered by many as impractical to take as daily driver. So it depends. It's not an extremely powerful and strong pre workout but it is nevertheless very strong and YMMV. I am hoping that the makers of this pre workout do not discontinue this or market it only for sale as a seasonal item. This is up there with my favorites. Now there may be chatter about this being a bit expensive but remember the mantra: you get what you pay for. Yes this pre-workout is pricier than others per serving but I don't mind paying a bit more knowing that I'm getting good stuff.

Michael Johnson (United States)
Sinister Pre

Bought this pre after watching some YouTubers I respect do some reviews on it. Don’t get me wrong this stuff tastes AWESOME! Effects are mid. For me I need to take a pump supp with this so it really hits. It’s not bad, but for the money, next time I’ll pass and grab a more affordable pre/pump combo that’ll likely cost the same as 1 bottle of this stuff.

Pre’s hit people differently, so maybe I’m an outlier. Been doing pre’s since the NO Explode days, so I’ve got some experience, but I admit my experience may not be yours. Overall I recommend this pre, just think there’s better options out there for me.

PKlifts (United States)

STRONG HITTER. do not take past 5 pm, was up until 2 am

Slim443 (United States)

It’s a good pre. Not the strongest but definitely wakes you up and provides a good pump with focus. Flavor is sour but good. Beta tingles off the chain! Then disappears. Cartel is my go to for all supplements. Should be yours too. They take care of you.

Erik Foster (United States)
Sinister Pre

Great focus and energy