Sicario Swole™ Pump Liquid
Sicario Swole™ Pump Liquid
Sicario Swole™ Pump Liquid
Sicario Swole™ Pump Liquid
Xtremis Cartel

Sicario Swole™ Pump Liquid

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Sam Mondragon (United States)

Pump liquid was truly a game changer for me and I have tried MANY different products out there that also gives u that extra pump but PL truly was a tier above the rest my muscles where so tight it almost felt like they would pop from how swollen they got. Pros: CRAZY pump, goes down easy, alot of servings in the bottle.
Cons: if you don't have a meal before taking PL will give u Stomach problems! Depending on the person tho. Don't spill is sticky!! But I would 100% recommend this product to any advance gym goer

Caio Dos Santos Pannell (United States)
Great service

They made it super easy to work through the transaction and to see everything snd find everything on their website also the tracking was incredible. Great company

CHIA HUNG SUNG SPG2219109 (Taiwan)
nice feel

drink 1 oz

Michael Mendoza (United States)
Get Swole!

Liquid glycerol products have seen a rise in popularity and deservedly so. Many of us who have been using preworkouts/pump products for awhile now have come into contact with some form of glycerol. One thing we know for sure is how hydroscopic that ingredient is and the frustration with clumping products. Also, taking products with glycerol in powder form can cause some GI distress in people, which can be rather unpleasant, especially with the cheapest form of glycerol in monostearate. To circumvent the powder clumping and GI/poor absorption issue, companies have switched to a liquid based form of glycerol. I’m a big fan of this approach after having tried Socario Swole. I will say, it’s the first liquid glycerol product I have tried and I have always been a big fan of glycerpump/hydroprime based products. However, I am one of those who has stomach issues with that ingredient, especially since I work out first thing in the morning. I have noticed ZERO stomach distress or issues with Sicario Swole and all of the benefits, i.e. Hard, dense, full and thick pumps! I’ve noticed nice increases in vascularity as well. Hydration is paramount when using this, but that should be a given with any supplement. It’s a simple straightforward formula that delivers. I really like the inclusion of salt for the pumps and hydration. I simply measure out an ounce, take it like a shot and wash it down with my stim based preworkout, super easy and it delivers every time. No flavor on this one and no real aftertaste or anything gross. It would be cool to see if Jake flavors this at some point, but it’s not necessary. If you’re someone who loves dense pumps and glycerol, definitely give this a shot and save your stomach pain! Top notch product as always from Xtremis Cartel!

Scott Lawson (United States)
Good pump

Good dry and wet pumps. Good endurance. I like the sicario powder better. If this product had the 3d pump ingredients in it and some nootropics, it would be elite in my opinion.

Rodolfo Perez (United States)
Crazy pumps

Nutri Cartel never disappoints. First time using Sicario Swole and I have to say it is hands down my favorite non stim pump formula. I pair it with some high stim pre workout on my heavy lift days and the pump is insane.

Porter Kirby (United States)
Swoled up!

Best pump product I’ve ever bought. Worth every penny!

Abe (United States)
Sick Pumps

Even your little muscles you’ve been workin on will look huge with this stuff. Great service from nutri cartel.

Wayne Hitt
Sicario Swole Pump Liquid

Love this stuff. No joke. 2 tablespoon does me right. What's the point of lifting heavy if you can't get a pump. This stuff is the real deal Holyfield!

Zach Blackford (United States)
Sicario Swole

Amazing pump. Stacks great with almost anything. Pumps are so good they are visible and almost hurt. Will buy again.