Dark Labs P.I.M.P. Pump Pre Workout
Dark Labs P.I.M.P. Pump Pre Workout
Dark Labs P.I.M.P. Pump Pre Workout
Dark Labs P.I.M.P. Pump Pre Workout
Dark Labs P.I.M.P. Pump Pre Workout
Dark Labs P.I.M.P. Pump Pre Workout
Dark Labs

Dark Labs P.I.M.P. Pump Pre Workout

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T.S. (United States)
Very strong pump

This, in conjunction with a stim package with little-to-no pumps, is a really great package. Even by itself, it has some intense pumps, as long as you know how to activate them. No nootropics, just pumps.

UR (United States)
Solid Pump Product

I think this is a great overall pump product. The pump effect I find is really determined with how you train and the intensity. The way I have been using this is stacking it with herolean specifically on leg day or chest day which are my hardest sessions.

I do find the taste extremely sweet, therefore will probably opt for a tasteless bloodsport from Apollon

Slim443 (United States)

Pimp pre will provide a great pump. Pause! I suggest stack with a pre that has no pumps with stims. Pimp will get the job done. Only order your supplements from this site. The Cartel will send your stuff in a reasonable amount of time.

Jonathan (United States)
Pumps are good

It does what is it intended to do. Get some good vascular pumps, however I wish it was unflavored so I could mix it with any pre-workout. Also, it tastes a little chalky but whatever. Probably will move on to something else once the tub is finished.

DavisG (United States)
Great Non Stim PWO

If you’re looking for a great pump without the stim PIMP is the way to go. Also great for stacking with some stim pwos . Dark Labs doesn’t disappoint.

Mariano Paz (El Salvador)
DarkLabs is always a safe option

Pretty good as all darklabs products 👌

Marko Miklovič (Slovakia)
Good pump

Good price, best pump,Transport to EU (Slovakia) 24days :) no problema

Brian Cooper (United States)

Really nice if you stack PIMP with Smash AMF you will it Negative fatigue factors magic potion half scoop PIMP / & half scoop Smash 💯

Matthias (United States)
pump it baby

That is f.... nuts, after like 30min push/pull workout already so pumped, almost exploding veins

Craig Horton (United States)
Great stuff!

Good dosage for non stim, those watching their caffeine intake etc. order was fulfilled perfectly and arrived early!