Wild Fire Pre Workout
Wild Fire Pre Workout
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Wild Fire Pre Workout

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Matthew (United States)
Great pre

Has a bit of a slow build to it, but once it hits it feels like your workout can last forever. No major crash afterwards, just a bit of a headache.

Carlos Santiago (United States)
Wild Fire PWO

I'm extremely happy with Nutrition Cartels shipping and handling and the customer service is on point. The wild fire PWO is definitely a hitter, great pumps and plenty of energy for a great workout!

Stephen Firman (United States)
Wildfire preworkout

Your service was great. Just not real impressed with preworkout don't like how I feel couple hours after taking it honestly feel like crap not your fault

Kevin Freeman (United States)
Wild fire pre

Great preworkout. Sweet spot seems to be 3/4 scoop for leg day. 1/2 scoop for anything else.

ZAK T (Poland)

The best product you can buy on the market. Nutrition Cartel is the place to buy it they have great promotions and ship the product fast and international. We had a little hiccup so I never received the product but that’s not their fault. USPS just sucks where I’m currently deployed so packages get lost.

Stim Junky (Canada)

One of the best pre workouts I've tried, and I've tried all the high Stims. Clean, powerful, long lasting energy, and huge pumps!

Dan Palacio (United States)
The good stuff!

I'm often let down my preworkout, especially when you're always looking for that ever so elusive replacement for Excelsior. While I'm not saying this one is the next Excelsior, it definitely does an adequate job. This one is stim junkie approved.

Himanshu Singh (India)
Awesome Shipping Experience to India

I got my order in India in 10 days & was delivered as per my expectations..I really had a very good interaction on Instagram as well so for me the experience was awesome 😎. The product itself was on - point..In my opinion the biggest positive about Wildfire is that it doesn't have alpha yo ..Even at half scoop it makes you feel very positive & motivated ..Though if you use it more than twice a week the effects disappear..liked it better than crack gold which induces feelings of anxiety for me ..

Michael Ortiz (Canada)
Wild Fire

Real talk, this preworkout hits nice. A full scoop is not my thing there’s too much euphoria and I’d rather be at a rave. My go to is half scoop to 3/4 scoop and you just get locked in. I can workout for hours without getting tired. To my fellow fiends, this is definitely a preworkout you want to try.

Christopher McCollum (United States)
25 years of pre and this hits like year 1!

I've read other reviews of this, some people suspect of what's in it. I always follow dosage requirements and never reckless. This hits fast with a smooth energy. Can't say enough about it. I have noticed, if I take it 3 days in a row, the 4th day doesn't hit at all. Best when used a couple of times a week. Outstanding.