SuperHuman Sleep
SuperHuman Sleep
SuperHuman Sleep
SuperHuman Sleep
SuperHuman Sleep
SuperHuman Sleep
Alpha Lion

SuperHuman Sleep

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Cody McCullar (United States)
Superhuman Sleep

Great sleep with this product. I haven’t noticed any weight loss. But overall a good sleep aid. Shipping was fast and service was great.

Raymond’s Realm (United States)
Love it

Not much to say, this is one of my favorite sleep aids next to PrimeEvils EAA Sleep. I do normally go with PrimeEvil due to their deals, but both are good.

DParis (United States)
A Must-Have Supplement

Alpha Lion hit the spot with Super Human Sleep. I begin feeling its effects 15-20 minutes after consuming - a smooth, calm fade into a deep sleep. If I wake up in the middle of the night I'm able to quickly fall back asleep. I feel well rested and recovered the next day. I really like the Tropical Terminator flavor too.

Jay B (United States)
Rest + Gains

Helps get you ready to fall asleep. Why wouldn't you take extra nutrients to maximize your gains? Sleep is as important as protein intake.

Vince Robertson (Australia)
Great sleep aid

This is the second best sleep aid on the market. It's not uncommon to be able to get 9 to 10 hours sleep using it

Kuffie (United States)

I had a rough spell where I just couldn’t get a full nights sleep. Regardless of when I went to bed I would wake up at 2/3 and lay awake for hours. Everyday I was tired. Workouts suffered, plus I knew I couldn’t rebuild muscle properly without those hours of sleep. Melatonin wasn’t working. Valerian root wasn’t working, so I did a google search for “bodybuilding sleep supplement” and started comparing different products ingredients. This stuff seemed like a cut above in terms of having multiple sleep aids and muscle recovery agents. It worked so well that now I’m hooked. It’s a ritual each night before bed and I sleep through the night like a champ. This shit straight up saved my sanity.

Nathan Triezenberg (United States)
Sleep like a baby

This product absolutely works. Not only does it help you get quality deep sleep, it makes you feel unbelievable in the morning. No better product like this.

Greg Worley (United States)
It Works!!

I sleep almost all the way through the night and feel rested the next morning.