Phenta Plex Pre-Workout
Phenta Plex Pre-Workout
Phenta Plex Pre-Workout
Phenta Plex Pre-Workout
Phenta Plex Pre-Workout
Phenta Plex Pre-Workout
Phenta Plex Pre-Workout
Phenta Plex Pre-Workout
Phenta Plex Pre-Workout
Phenta Plex Pre-Workout
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Phenta Plex Pre-Workout

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Joseph Robert (United States)
Good product

Legit high stim preworkout. Clean energy, great focus.

Giorgi Tutberidze (United States)
Once every 10 days, rounded scoop

Hits in 10 minutes, focus in 40. 12 hours of motivational euphoric energy

Ted Bourne (United States)
It’s not the hype I thought

Definitely underwhelming it didn’t live up to all the hype just a regular every day preworkout nothing special about it all I felt was some caffeine I guess I didn’t get the magic batch

Paul Stacey (United States)

Phenta Plex Pre-Workout

Stephen Lockney (United States)
Good focus

About the closest to Excelsior as far as mood and focus. Good product.

Jean Pierre Polite (United States)
Good taste and full of energy.

I like this pre workout, has dmha which is very hard to get nowadays. I have good focus and energy during my workouts. I would recommend this.

David Medrano (United States)
Phenta Plex

It was great! Almost like excelsior but not quite there yet IMO. Long lasting for sure. Taste is awful but that’s just the bad part. Other than that is worth it. Will be purchasing in the near future. Excellent for a physical job for sure!

Alexander Hay (United States)
Laser up

Focus and concentration are superb. Energy is certainly present as well. I had a highly productive workout when trying this for the first time and I think it deserves the hype it’s receiving.

nader qudimat (Jordan)
This is closer to the original Craze than Excelsior is...

This stuff is excellent for focus...

- Ultra clean energy. I mean VERY clean energy. There was no heart racing but I felt like I could do so much.
-Easy to breathe: this part reminded me of the original Craze back in 2010. I felt much lighter and had "limitless endurance" and there was never a time when I had to stop to catch my breath (unlike Excelsior).

- Doesn't suppress appetite at all: with Excelsior I would feel sick just by the thought of food or seeing other people eat. But I had zero nausea with Plex.

- No euphoria but I did feel good. A nice mood uplift with no worries. I didn't like this from Excelsior because I would rather not feel a roller coaster of emotions. My mood has been consistent all day.

- No mood swings. Excelsior had me feeling very depressed after ending use, even in the same day.

- No crash either.

Here's what I don't like about Phenta Plex:

- The scoops are unreliable. One full scoop is more than 11g, but then again I know how 800mg caffeine feels and I don't feel that from here. YouTube video placeholder
Nisiforos Demetriou (United States)
Phenta plex

Amazing all day energy, great pre workout !