Panta Pre Workout
Panta Pre Workout
Panta Pre Workout
Panta Pre Workout
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Panta Pre Workout

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Arik Shue
Great everyday driver

Great everyday driver.Best deal for the money with the amount of caffiene.Have taken it 3 times and get good energy.No crazy heart racing just good clean energy without any side effects

JJ (South Korea)
Great daily driver

Stuff is just strong enough to use more frequently than other stim pre's.

Philip Brown (United States)
Great Daily

This is a GREAT daily driver. Works pretty good alone. It shines if you add pumps to it. Of course if you’re a stim junkie ya probably won’t like it. But if you need a solid daily that beats the mass produced pre’s out there, you’ve found it here!!! Bonus for the price. It’s a win/win. Has everything ya need without overstimulating you. Flavor is pretty good also. I recommend it.

Marco Calderon (United States)
Panta pre work out

If u are a high stim junkie u can't beat the value proposition u get from this pre. No pumps, but the caffeine helps u power thought ur most demanding workout. Don't take it in the afternoon thought u will be awake all night

Bill Johnson (United States)
Smooth Daily

Its is a smooth tasteful daily driver with no hiccups.

Harry Duque (United States)
What a Great Pre-workout

Panda has done it again, what a h great daily driver for the price. A1 YouTube video placeholder