Pandamic Limited Edition Pre Workout
Pandamic Limited Edition Pre Workout
Pandamic Limited Edition Pre Workout
Pandamic Limited Edition Pre Workout
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Pandamic Limited Edition Pre Workout

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Robert B. (United States)
Pandemic pre

Nutri Cartel's service was awesome I ordered from NC and got my order 3 days later good service. And got the Pandamic Limited Edition Dragons blood good flavor and it did taste good, I do like my pre workouts to have a good taste. After taking the Pre workout 30 minutes later I went and did my workout stuff lasted a good hour or more. I felt the energy and the pumps were good. I will be buying more again and keep buying from Nutri Cartel.

Steve Garcia (United States)
Both Pre’s

The shipping and handling was great. The pre? Wasn’t really satisfied with the name it had. Godzilla hits better than both in my opinion but overall it’s a 8/10 for both pre-workouts. NutriCartel y’all did good I can trust y’all and will be trying more pre-workouts from there

Dallen Mayer (United States)
Pandamic LE

Solid pre! Great energy and good pumps, everything I want. I have a lot of pres but I always find myself wanting to take it because it is solid and supports you through your workout!

E.T. (United States)
Zen pwo

This pwo feels "balanced". Negative emotions evaporate and you feel obligated to work out without hesitation. Pumps and endurance were amazing! Shipping was fast.

Jesus (United States)
explosive pre

It was a good heavy hitting pre workout with two scoops. Kept me going during my workouts and when I was done it didn’t have a heavy crash. With just one scoop it is a good mild buzz for days when you aren’t trying to go extreme or long gym sesh.

Ben click (United States)
Great product!

This preworkout has insane focus and sense of urgency! The pumps felt good and the weight was flying!

Kyle Mikolajczyk (United States)
Great pump

This was great high stim pre workout to add to the rotation, mixes well and a solid taste

Justin Harvell (United States)
Fire high end daily driver

This was my first Panda supplement ever and I will def be doing business with them again. I consider this a daily driver but definitely on the higher end. Checks all the boxes. Highly recommend.

Glenn Tate (United States)

Good pre workout, hits better than original

Iris Varela (United States)
Your missing OUT if you haven't tried it OUT!!!

It keeps you very focused just enough to get an amazing pump and you workout out throughout a whole solid session. I do 3 to 4 hour session and this burns out just in time to not stay with geterze.