Panda vs Gorilla Pre Workout
Panda vs Gorilla Pre Workout
Panda vs Gorilla Pre Workout
Panda vs Gorilla Pre Workout
Panda vs Gorilla Pre Workout
Panda vs Gorilla Pre Workout
Panda Supplements

Panda vs Gorilla Pre Workout

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Elias Torres (United States)
I take back what I said. This pre's GREAT!

Initially I was using this for heavy lifting, but I've come to realize this is the kind of pre you'd take for med-weight, high-rep sessions. Focus, mood & endurance were fantastic, and I have a newfound respect for this product. Kudos to Panda and Blackmarket for this masterpiece!

Sean (United States)

Not my favorite, but a solid pre

DavisG (United States)
Best PWO I’ve had

Ordered the Panda vs Gorilla PWO after hearing great things about. Glad to find out it was true . Best pump and focus I’ve had with a PWO. Also ordering it from Nutri Cartel was perfect you know you’re getting the real deal and delivery was fast. Will order again

Horacio Estrada (United States)
An everyday pre!!

An everyday day pre for stim junkies! Amazing focus! Pumps were OK!

Avi (Canada)

Pumps and focus are amazing and the energy, you feel stronger well taking it

R.P. (United States)
Solid pre

Experienced lifter for 10 years. I usually take high stim pre that make me wanna murk myself after 2 hours so 2 scoops gives me a amount of energy without extra anxiety from crazy amounts of stimulants but still allows me to train like a maniac and do cardio after after work at 6pm without keeping me up till the ass crack of dawn. If you don’t wanna buy gorilla mode with the pump or you just like beta alanine for the tingles then this is a great pre.

Elias Torres (United States)
Too calming for a productive workout

Very euphoric, but I prefer to feel alert. 300mg dendrobrium may have been too much, so start with half. Power output was good. Processing and shipping was fast.

Mariano Paz (El Salvador)
Great Preworkout!

This preworkout rocks! I will definitely buy another tub.. and nutricartel service is simply awesome

DH (United States)

A not bad fasting pre workout, good formulas and nice clean energy, definitely would buy again if it weren’t out of stock all the time!

Javier Farromeque (United States)
Great preworkout

It gets the job done, great focus and energy. Do not take after 5pm! Made the mistake a couple of time and stayed up past 1am :-( lol