Magico™ Nootropic
Magico™ Nootropic
Magico™ Nootropic
Magico™ Nootropic
Xtremis Cartel

Magico™ Nootropic

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Michael Hathaway (United States)
Strong stuff dude

This packs a punch. I honestly only recommend one scoop but blast off as you feel deemed necessary 🤣

Beare (United States)

I quite enjoy the effects and I only ever tried a scoop at a time.
As for taste, it much like Core Zone (now discontinued) where the actives are noticeable but I don't find them strong nor offensive. It is not sweet at all and the lemonade blackberry flavor is hard to pinpoint. I happen to prefer powders that taste like that.

JE (United States)
Potent Mid-Day Boost

Perfect for busy days that require extended periods of focus and attention, this gets you in the zone!

Great service from Nutricartel as always!

FairRater (United States)
Terrific focus

Another outstanding pre workout from this company. Great addition to my lineup of preworkouts.

Luke Hasnudeen (United States)
Magical is magic

Only problem with magico is that it has to come in a powder. This plus some pump is best pre under the sun

Michael Mendoza (United States)
Operate in the 4th Dimension! 👀

Magico delivers as it’s namesake implies….MAGIC!

This is a no-nonsense nootropic that delivers a massive punch of focus and energy that will have you feeling like Einstein! My first reaction upon taking this was “oh man, I can see in the 4th dimension!”

All jokes aside, Xtremis Cartel has delivered an absolute banger of a nootropic that is sure to satisfy anyone who is a fan of these types of products.

For starters, you have a massive dose of Tyrosine, which is know to enhance focus and cognition. Next up, a personal favorite of mine, ALCAR, at a solid dose. A lot of companies shy away from ALCAR due to its pungent smell and tendency to clump, but it’s been shown to pass the blood barrier more efficiently, to provide a boost in energy. Next, a huge dose of alphaGPC for that choline donor/support. Then a huge dose of one of my favorite ingredients, Mucuna Pruriens (L-Dopa) to deliver that smooth and euphoric feeling I really enjoy. CDP choline is also included at a great dose, as well as Cognatiq.

Lastly, an ingredient I have enjoyed in other products, pregnenalone, shines here to help round out a packed supplement facts panel. I like the two sources of caffeine that hit you and then prolongs and delivers a smooth tapering effect, so you get no crash, nor a jittery jolt of energy at the onset.

I’ve used this product in 3 ways, a study/work aid, a daily pick me up to replace and energy drink and lastly as a preworkout, where I would take a full serving (2 scoops)….all other times is one scoop. Now, for me personally, I’m not a big stim junkie, and I can’t for the life of me, figure out why some companies include things like alpha yo in a nootropic. My only guess is to blitz you out of your mind so you think it’s doing something.

And here is where Magico shines and differs: it delivers a very smooth energy boost, euphoric and hyper focused experience, regardless of dosing. Seriously! I really don’t think you always need the two scoops. I’ve only done that a handful of times as a preworkout and it’s amazing. Mind muscle connection is off the charts! Be forewarned…if your a scroller on your phone while working out, lock it up! You will become distracted and too focused on the other task…it’s that powerful! I strongly feel like 1 scoop is enough to satisfy most, regardless of activity. And that is a testament to how truly great and well rounded this product has been formulated.

Jake is crushing these new formulas and I cannot recommend this highly enough. If you’re looking for a coffee/energy drink replacement or are like me, and prefers a more nootropic type preworkout versus a crack fiend sensation, definitely give this a shot. You will not be disappointed!

Bryan (United States)

Use it as a coffee replacement (zero sugar) for work, and a double scoop for INTENSE workouts. Works amazing.

Felix Bisono (United States)
Mágico nootropic

Love this nootropic, using it as a pre, works great, lots of energy and focus in the gym with no crash, will definitely buy again and 100% recommend..

Mike (United States)
Laser Beam

This nootropic is awesome! Flavor is good, and this is the best nootropic I have felt in a long time. Laser focus, great mood boost, and long energy.
1 scoop is my energy drink replacement and 2 scoops is when I need to get sh!t done

Adiaan Bazelmans (Australia)

Magico™ Nootropic