Light Year Pre-Workout
Light Year Pre-Workout
Light Year Pre-Workout
Light Year Pre-Workout
Light Year Pre-Workout
Light Year Pre-Workout
Light Year Pre-Workout
Light Year Pre-Workout
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Light Year Pre-Workout

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Kona Carruthers (United States)
Not as good but still solid

Hard to come from a different hard hitting stim pre workout like El Jefe or others and say this preworkout is amazing. Extremely clumpy. Focus is good, taste is great but beta alanine could revved up a little more but overall a very solid preworkout.

Travis Schmidt (United States)
Business friendly

Had a hiccup and they corrected it no questions asked.

Bryan Coonfield (United States)
Good results, bad taste and mixability

I can't remember what flavor I got and couldn't identify it from the taste. It had a bitter finish though. Mine came as a congealed mess I had to break up every time I used it. Some of those clumps ended up at the bottom of the shaker cup as they just would not break up. After consuming, things improved enormously. The energy, mood, and pumps were all excellent. A good all around performer.

Jacoby S

I like this a lot. I’m getting a really good focus and intensity from light year. It’s not the crazy high caffeine feeling I get from some other pres but I don’t necessarily like that so the time. I’m getting some of my best workout in with light year.

Justin Mccormick
A very solid pre workout

Good pumps, energy and focus. Everything seems to be dosed pretty well. Gives nostalgia vibes of old school Jack3d.

M Molina (United States)
Great pre workout

Great all around pre workout must try

Tony Mantana (United States)
Lady Lumps, flavor "ok", but works!

Besides the annoyances the product works as described. Great pumps, calm and confident feeling, but there's these clumps (white rocks) in the mix that won't dissolve. Most of it mixes well, but tends to cake up and you have to till it like old soil to break it up before you add it to liquid. Not a deal breaker though. Not a fan of Grape, but nothing else was available at the time. Grape flavor is "eh". If you guys could improve the consistency of this stuff to where it's a finer powder that doesn't clump or leave rocks in the tub that would be sweet yo! You're getting there. Great feeling you get with this stuff. Don't take it late at night or you'll be roaming the neighborhood at 3:00am wanting to do pushups in people's front lawns. :P

Dan (United States)
Speedy delivery, ineffective pre workout

Great service with nutrition cartel but the lightyear pre workout doesn't do anything for me. It dissolves well and tastes great but I feel like I'm just drinking a grape juice.

Emily S (United States)
Nice kick in motivation

I’ve been looking for a good DMHA pre workout that doesn’t make me feel jittery and helps my motivation to workout- I feel like lightyear is just the ticket! No over-stimulated feeling or jitters, no nausea, nice even motivation to get moving and pump out a better workout! Shipping amazingly fast for anything that isn’t Amazon - I was excited to receive my order quickly. Will be ordering this from Nutrition Cartel again!

Spencer LaRue (United States)

Was a great pre workoit