Helios Pre-Workout
Helios Pre-Workout
Helios Pre-Workout
Helios Pre-Workout
Helios Pre-Workout
Helios Pre-Workout
Helios Pre-Workout
Helios Pre-Workout
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Helios Pre-Workout

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Kevin Riley (United States)
Helios preworkout

Great product. Fast shipping thanks

Jerry Garcia (United States)
Amazing customer service

Ordered my Helios and got my delivery in less than week. Big fan of Helios takes a while to kick in but once it kicks in it’s awesome! Definitely recommend!

Stephen Lockney (United States)

Has a nice smooth energy to it. The head buzz last for a few hours afterwards. Definitely not a evening pre workout, you will be up all night.

A-Train (United States)
Helios? More like Belios...idk just read the review

This is the second pre workout Ive tried named after a greek god and its the second time I have been mildly disappointed. Its not bad just thought with the ingredient profile that it would hit harder. It did not. Still pretty good though. Who knows it fill you with the fire that I'm so desperately searching for.

Daniel H. (United States)
A New Go To Preworkout

I love this preworkout, it has quality sourced ingredients that actually do what they say. I have been taking pre workout since Cr@ze and Jaked 3d, I will tell you nothing has come close until I tried Helios. A half scoop will do you good even if your stim tolerance is high. Great focus and energy. Great full disclosed formula with ingredients that work. Plain and simple, buy now and thank Nutricartel later.

Jake Castillo (United States)
5 stars

They were out of one of the flavors, but were quick to alert me of other available flavors. The mango flavor turned out to be better than the blue razz flavor I originally wanted.

clayton Sidell (United States)

This stuff is so strong it’s crazy. I don’t know if it’s laced but I feel so stimmed and euphoric like I’m on something. It’s probly the dmha it seems like it’s sourced well. The energy is incredible. This is the pre work out you take if u need to lift a truck.

Kenneth Michaud (United States)
Customer Service

Great Customer Service! Products shipped quickly and free samples included. Looking forward to doing business with Nutrition Cartel in the future!!!

Lokesh Rao (Australia)
Helios - Even Better than Limited Edition

Trust Helios to go even better than Defiant (MuscleForce) with more stims packed for an amazing Stim-Junkie experience. The energy, the focus, small tiny mood elevation (very small perhaps) and the urgency to go & smash your workout.

Holly Jewell (United States)
Human zoomies

This is a superior pre-workout. Sometimes you only need a half scoop and it still does the job.