God of Rage Pre Workout V2
God of Rage Pre Workout V2
God of Rage Pre Workout V2
God of Rage Pre Workout V2
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God of Rage Pre Workout V2

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David (United States)

Great energy, and focus. Could stack pump formula on top to make perfect.

Lee Hatcher (United States)
Good stuff here

Service and communication was on point. Have used other online store where it shows shipped, but you dont get for 5-6 days after it should be there. God of rage is an oldie but goodie, always hits and puts me in a great mood

Ken (United States)

Gives you everything you want in the gym. The only thing I’d suggest? You can add a pump formula. Though I always get a great pump. This pre will drive you to do set after set with that sense of well being minus any crazy heart beating out of your chest. You do feel the alpha yo but no side effects if you’re sensitive as it is dosed correctly & not over the top! Good luck!

Michael T
Great Pre Workout

I felt good focus & positive state of mind. I was able to get in extra reps in my sets and I loved the constant energy that I had in my workouts and post. The only issue I had was that, my batch of pre workout was extremely clumpy there we big clumps that looked like rocks and I also felt more beta tingling. (Barely felt any)

John Novak (United States)
Good prices

Easy ordering, had the pre-works I wanted. At a good price. Will checkout other products they offer soon.

Ryan J (United States)
You will be floating

This pre is one of my favorites now. Ingredients are sourced well and will have you happy and floating in the gym. I got the limeade flavor and it tasted great. Highly recommend

Dawson Orsburn (United States)
God of Rage v2 (10/10)

I’ve tried a metric fuckton of Pre’s and this one is the ONLY one I have tried that hits just right every single flippin time. If you’re a fan of DMHA and Alpha Yo then this is the preworkout you need. No jitters, no ridiculous amounts of caffeine, No BS. Just pure energy, focus, and euphoria. Add a pump product like Bloodsport and/or Glycerine there’s nothing more you could legally ask for. Such a beautiful pre :)

Unchained is also a great experience, one of my go-to’s for non DMHA pre’s. Highly recommend both for stim-junkies

Michael Secondino (United States)

Love this pre, hits hard

Christopher Vanbuskirk (United States)
Lean, mean and clean!

Love the God of Rage v2! Smooth energy and focus, no crash!

Jasmine (United States)

My third order of this preworkout! One of my favs! Very smooth, great energy, good workout, no crash, great mood all day and flavor wasn’t bad.