Defiant Unleashed Yayo Pre Workout
Defiant Unleashed Yayo Pre Workout
Defiant Unleashed Yayo Pre Workout
Defiant Unleashed Yayo Pre Workout
Defiant Unleashed Yayo Pre Workout
Defiant Unleashed Yayo Pre Workout
Muscle Force

Defiant Unleashed Yayo Pre Workout

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Kurt (United States)

My go to high stim preworkout. Great stimulus and great pumps.

Irwin Chavez (United States)
It was the pre I never knew I needed

This bad boy made me feel super energized and powerful, I’m not sure what any of the ingredients in this pre does but boy was it strong. I have a high caffeine tolerance so this really did the job at the gym and gave me that extra kick I needed to break out a new PR. Ten out of 10!!

John Smith (Canada)
Nutri Cartel-Yayo

Yayo is up there with the greats! If u like pres that are unique and have alot of character but not big on the use of yohimbe of rauwolscine this guy is for you. The addition of the theobromine really makes it feel like the real columbian! Yayo is something with a bit of attitude to throw into your rotation, and take away the dull pre workout blues. Can't go wrong with ANY of Nutri Cartels stuff

Ivan Juric (Australia)
Amazing Pre

Love This Pre. Hits just right and can be used for bball. Gain in the gym and on the court.

john silva (United States)
Great product

Love it !!!

Phillip DeBerry (United States)

This stuff is the best. And it doesn’t drop off quickly either, you’re guaranteed at least a solid hour to two hours of hard motivated work. Solid formula.

Joshua James (United States)

Okay. Clumps and not the best taste. Average energy compared to similar pre's.

Scott (United States)
Very good PWO

This is a very solid go-to pre workout. I think it is a little too heavy on the caffeine. I do like ingredient list and the other stimulants that are included in the formula. It would be perfect if the caffeine was reduced by 50-75 mgs and the eria and other stimulants were increased a little more. It is a strong PWO and has me energized through out my workouts, which tend to go around 90 mins. I have not experienced a "crash"either. Smooth onset and smooth taper.

Alexander Eckert (United States)
Simply the best

This is the best dhma hitter on the market. It never fails
to deliver great clean energy, very little side effects and focus for hours.

Ali.G (United Arab Emirates)
5 stars all day

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