Smash AMF Pre Workout (OG)
Smash AMF Pre Workout (OG)
KJ Labs

Smash AMF Pre Workout (OG)

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Gee (United States)

Probably the best pre workout I’ve taken in awhile

Todd Williams (Australia)
Great Service and Prompt Delivery

I've been impressed with Nutri Cartel's quality customer service and prompt delivery. The detail included in the delivery tracking is useful for knowing exactly where your order is at throughout the delivery process. I ordered KJ Labs' Smash AMF & SoCal's Wildfire together. While Smash AMF was particularly impressive as an appetite suppressant specifically, I was most impressed with Wildfire overall. Wildfire provides an exceptional energy boost, mood elevation and all-round endurance to do a long, intense and thorough workout. I've managed to do almost double as much with my cardio as well as core, chest and leg exercises with Wildfire, even better than I was expecting. I highly recommend Nutri Cartel for their service and range of products.

Bobby Brooklyn (United States)
This is one is special

Some intense illicit focus, start with 1/2 scoop, maybe stack with pump formula

Melv (United States)

It's good , not for everyday use or abuse but very good for hammering sets or even. Housework or job if u do physical labor would b better in a pill form

Daniel Marrero (United States)
Smash AMF

Awesome product!!

Jay Hogan (Canada)
Smash AMF

Most potent, of all I've used so far .

Robert Radolec (United States)

The best non jitter pre I’ve ever had. It’s smooth, no crash and last through my whole workout. Highly recommend

V.G. (United States)
Yo Bomb but handleable

I would half scoop this one if you dont like Yohimbine vibes, the "MSG" shines at that level for me.

Zebulon Perry (United States)
Smash AMF review

It is awesome, service is fantastic. I make my order and receive it in a timely manner

Benjamin Phillips (United States)
The most illicit feeling preworkout I’ve had

The title kind of says it all. This pre workout definitely isn’t for the faint of heart and I’m 90% sure this stuff is spiked with something I’m just not sure what. Every time I take this pre workout I notice a massive uptick in my physical endurance, a really low appetite, and my eyes feel extremely dry making it harder to sleep. It’s something I would not ever recommend taking daily and even with the increased endurance I notice all this on top of a faster heart rate.