Enjoy The Insanity Pre-Workout
Enjoy The Insanity Pre-Workout
Enjoy The Insanity Pre-Workout
Enjoy The Insanity Pre-Workout
Enjoy The Insanity Pre-Workout
Enjoy The Insanity Pre-Workout

Enjoy The Insanity Pre-Workout

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Matthias (United States)
Try it

Up for something new with a kick? Get this - it's different


Excellent service ordered product recieved it quickly.

Steve Stoiner (United States)
Well Done Great Experience

Great customer service. Shipped to my home in a timely manner. Will definitely maintain the relationship.

anthoney brewer (United States)
Enjoy the Insanity

Top of the line feel good, loaded with energy Pre Workout! Make sure you take it early in the day, should not be taken in the Afternoon, this one really gets you going and then some!!!

Dalton Anderson (United States)
Enjoy The Versatility

I gotta say....I love this pre-work out. I have trouble sleeping and can take this late in the day without it effecting my sleep. Typically I can't use pre-work outs for my after work workout sessions. With only 190mg of caffeine and 90mg of it being sustained release, it starts slow but creeps up on you. It gives you a little kick of energy, but then a wave of feel goodness comes over you within 30 minutes or so. Euphoria, mood enhancement, and a happy feeling describes it best. I sometimes even use this as my daily boost for work as I work a labor intensive job. Beats the hell out of all mass produced energy drinks or coffee. You're not consuming much more caffeine than what's in those energy drinks or compared to people drinking multiple cups of coffee per day. I can't recommend this product enough if you need a boost and don't want to overstim yourself. Regardless of what you're doing....Enjoy The Productivity!

Wyatt Nelson (United States)
Enjoy the insanity

Amazing feeling, it makes the weights feel really light. Lowkey a little crash but it’s is hands down worth it.

Dominic Kabeche (United States)
Recommend forsure

Pre was fire sweating like crazy and definitely got that drive

Adam Smith (United States)
This Sh*t 🔥

Great pre! Super focus euphoric good feeling while training! Subtle tingle feeling but not overwhelming. Definitely will order again!
Company was great! Fast delivery! Got my order processed within a day! I think I found my new Supplement connect!

Benjamin Noble
You will Enjoy the Insanity!!!

This is the most unique Pre workout I have used. The mental stimulation and euphoria take 20-30 minutes to really set in, but when they do you will not be disappointed. Powerful euphoria and mental alertness that last for a few hours after your workout! Would reccomend to any of you heavy stimulant fans out there looking for a “high” preworkout feeling!

Sean Connolly (United States)
Insanity indeed

I have been chasing the dragon of the original Jack3d preworkout. While this isn’t quite there it is the best I’ve found since then. The thing hits you and you go into this zone. The come down isn’t a crash but more like an euphoric ween off, and does make you sleepy. If you take this in the afternoon near bed time it will give you some crazy dreams.