Double Impact Pre-Workout V2
Double Impact Pre-Workout V2
Double Impact Pre-Workout V2
Double Impact Pre-Workout V2
Apollon Nutrition

Double Impact Pre-Workout V2

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Brandon Tingley (United States)
3 Star Product+5 Star Company=4 Star Review Total

I got this as a tamed down preworkout compared to Dark Lab's Crack(it's a pre-workout), but still expected quite the punch as it was toted as one of the stronger preworkouts still. But it just wasn't there. I feel like I got a better pump from Walmart brand preworkouts than this one, Mr Hyde being an example of a stronger, in my opinion, preworkout. Flavor is trash too, honestly I'd rate the Double Impact as a 2 Star now that I'm thinking about it but this said to review the service as well so I think my 4 Star Review still stands. They shipped quick and all.

Alexander Hay (United States)
Excellent stuff!

Apollon doesn’t miss. Double Impact is an excellent pre workout and it gets the job done. I’ve tried both Assassin v7 and Hooligan and Double Impact fills its own unique niche between the two of those.

Roman Gutierrez (United States)

Double Impact Pre-Workout V2

Elias Diaz (Puerto Rico)
Excellent preworkout

Excellent preworkout

Jon Massey (United States)
Amazing pre but taste is awful

TL;DR: It’s an intense pre, but tastes really gross

As a pre workout, you can’t ask for a more effective and potent option. The pumps are insane and the tingles are intense. This is by far the most effective pre I’ve ever used.
However, the taste is awful. There are days where it’s somewhat tolerable but there are days where the taste is so bad I have to use a different pre because it makes me gag. If not for the taste, it would be a very solid 5 stars.

Silent Assassin (United States)

This is not an everyday preworkout. If your looking for something to drive you forward and give you unrelenting focus and energy...this is for you. Disclaimer....not for beginners💀🪦