Demonio Fat Burner
Demonio Fat Burner
Demonio Fat Burner
Demonio Fat Burner
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Demonio Fat Burner

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Cameron D (United States)
Good for Quick Energy, But Doesn't Last Long or Suppress Appetite

This fat burner has the potential to be great if it had a more extended release energy component. That said, I did not dare take four at a time as the amount of caffeine in four capsules is quite high. I did try it in various dosages and found that three was the "sweet spot" for a kick of energy after about 30 minutes and lasting for just about an hour.

In addition, I did not find this to help with any type of appetite suppression. It has not led to any fat loss, which I don't dock it for given that I've only been using it for a couple of weeks. I do think that there is good potential, as mentioned above, with just a little tweak to the ingredients to give longer lasting effects so that there isn't a temptation to dose again too quickly.

A.M. (United States)

Lost 8 lbs
Stack it with Caliente even works better
Mood elevated
Tightens your body up , it has mine
Suppresses hunger like 9 out of 10 . You won't be hungry

Mark Jones (United States)
Amazing stuff

This stuff is amazing. The energy and appetite suppressant gives me what I need and more

Angelina Johnston (United States)
Love this product

Great appetite suppressant and boost of energy.

A (United States)

Great product

James Miller (United States)
Great product

This was a great product and arrived fast

David Ruiz (United States)
Good Stim

You definitely feel the energy from the stimulant, and definitely helps make you feel warm on the inside if you know what I mean! Will definitely help someone trying to get to that next level in their workout!

Inez Garcia (United States)

Been using it so far, working very well

Zach (United States)
Appetite demolished.

Focus similar to too nootropics with the appetitive suppression I have ever experienced. Must have. Will be re ordering.

Nick (Australia)
As Promised

Shipped internationally downunder... no worries mate! Stops my carb binges well so far.