Decim8 Pre-Workout
Decim8 Pre-Workout
Decim8 Pre-Workout
Decim8 Pre-Workout
Decim8 Pre-Workout
Decim8 Pre-Workout
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Decim8 Pre-Workout

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Ryan J (United States)
Feel Good Focus

This right here is a great one for people just starting to get into s stim junkie pre. This is has a kick from the DMHA and Eria which makes it a you more happy and euphoric with some focus. The taste is very good as well. This gives decent pumps as well. I would recommend trying it

R (United States)
Favorite pre workout

By far and away my favorite pre workout! The focus is insane and the energy isn't overwhelming. You're just dialed in. Pump side isn't, although your type of workout plays a role in that.

Luke Hasnudeen (United States)
Really just a great preworkout

Great for focus, great for mood, just a stellar profuct

Aric (United States)
My new favorite pre workout!

Before purchasing this, the stim pre workout that I found the best was Smack. It’s a great product. But when I took Decim8, it lasted longer than Smack and I was noticeably more focused and had practically no muscle fatigue. And I lift pretty heavy being that I always stack my pre workouts with creatine. I usually do about 4 or 5 sets and I go up in weight until I get close to my one rep max. I had such great energy and focus on Decim8 that I was doing about 8 to 10 sets per exercise. Then on my cardio days I do about 30 minutes of cardio. On Decim8, after my intense workout described above, I got on the stair master for 20 minutes and then hopped on the treadmill figuring I would do about 20-25 minutes and I wound up doing 45 minutes with the incline between 8-15 the whole time. It was probably the best workout I ever had and certainly the longest. I had the appropriate soreness which lasted a good two days and excellent recovery. So far this is the best pre workout that I have ever used!

Bought for a friend.

Bought this for a friend and they literally cant get enough! They use it multiple times a week.

Anthony Mieses (United States)
One of the best pre workouts on the market!

I upgraded from ryse when i wanted to feel more focus in my workouts and boy did it hit

Chad Nelson (United States)
Great pre!!!

Solid pre workout! One of my favorites!

Jonathan Gala (United States)

Love the pre workout nothing overwhelming, I just had a great lift on 3/4 scoop.

chris (United States)
Intense pre-workout

This pre workout is probably one of if not the most intense pre workouts I’ve ever had. I felt laser focused and dialed in, definitely would recommend.

Tommy Nguyen (United States)
Very very good

Awesome pump and focus