Dark Labs Gold Pre Workout
Dark Labs Gold Pre Workout
Dark Labs

Dark Labs Gold Pre Workout

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Christopher Pierce (United States)
Crack gold

This is the king of preworkouts. 10/10 wish I could take this everyday. Energy, focus, euphoria, it slaps.

aiden tom (United States)
the ultimate pre workout

this workout will take you to the next level of madness you will be lefting so much and have energy that last past your worktout

Hayden Moses (United States)
Great focus and energy for more seasoned caffeine users

Tried rainbow candy flavor and do like it, on the sweeter side. Surprisingly good pumps, not just great “hit you in the face” energy.

Joshua Gomez (United States)
Crack Gold

Smooth as pre

Howard Crowder (United States)
Freight train!!!

A legend no doubt. This is the pinnacle y’all. Trust me when I say, my rotation is juiced and saw psychotic and wildfire and crack og and this gold version is THE total package. Thanks to nutricartel because I ordered two and got one of the older tubs and a brand new one. So I am able to verify the new hits like the old. Shipping and service is a breeze which is good when you need your crack. Lol. Thanks playas!

B.A. (United States)
Oldie but Goldie!

Dark Labs made it’s place in the industry with this one! First the halloween edition, christmas edition, and then this baby came around to stay. I bought 2 tubs because it sells out so fast usually and is hard to get honestly. At least outside of Europe. Gonna leave one sealed for a longgggg time lol. Get it while you can!