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Works as advertised!

First time trying any non-stim pump supplement and I’m so glad I tried superhuman pump. I’ve noticed the increase vascularity that I get from this product and it has helped keep a good focus while I get to take a break from caffeine. I will forsure be getting this product again and will start stacking it!

El Jefe

One of the best pre workouts I’ve tried (and I have tried quite a lot).. the caffeine content is high but I did not experience crash downs!
For stim junkies this would make a perfect pre!

new favorite

Was nervous to take this one at first because of the heavy caffeine dose. Been taking pre for years and tolerance has definitely built. Took El Jefe and it was perfect, solid pump, no crash. Tried orange cremesickle and it's alright, not the best flavor I've had, i'll try something else next time but definitely sticking with it!


Great pre-workout with high longevity. Your pump is maintained throughout the workout with no ill effects. Highly recommend, especially if you have a high caffeine tolerance and your normal pre-workout doesn't cut it anymore!

some serios inflation!

some of the most insane pumps ever... especially when doing high volume bodyweight movements such as chin ups, dips, push ups, etc.

Definitely worth the buy!

This stuff was great, it’s more concentrated than the average BCAA so it last longer for the price, flavor is better than most others too.

Cyborg joint relief

I recently ordered cyborg from alpha lion. Been using it for two weeks and I can already feel the difference. I would highly recommend, and shipping was fast and easy

Love these Greens!

Was skeptical to purchase. Will definitely be buying again! Delicious and a great morning treat.

Love the product

First time buying, and everything was very smooth. Products have been great. Will definitely be ordering again. Protein is delicious!

Great pump

Really got me focused! Didn’t even noticed how hard I went till after my workout. I recommend this everyone I just about talked to.

Flame Pre-Workout
Hits like a train!!

Doesn't disappoint in giving you crazy energy and long lasting endurance. Beware, Not for the novice.

Crack Pre-Workout Original
The Pump

This pre workout hits well. I did have to take at least 75% of a scoop to feel the effects of the dmaa. Anything less and it was like I took nothing. Overall, great pre workout for a short period of use. Would not advise to use daily. The high is good, but the fall is worse lol. Maybe good for using during a short cutting session. It will curb your hunger :’-)

Magnitude Life Sciences Dark Energy Original
Decent pre-workout

Decent pre-workout. I didn't get itchy or cracked out feeling. No complaints. The bomb pop flavor is decent. Definitely sweet but not overly so.

Awesome pre workout

Great company and fair pricing

Focus and pumps

It tastes horrible, works spectacularly.

Good stuff

Watched a few YouTube videos about what was next level to my previous GAT nutrition pre work out. Boy did this stuff hit the right spots I needed to get me feeling jittery and going.


The product is superb but the packaging and shipping company you use may need to change how they ship one exploded.

Awesome product

Exceptional hunger suppression and laser focus

Crack Pre-Workout Original
Works great

This it's actually comparable to the old jack3d. Keeps your pump and mood going for a long hard workout.

Packs a punch

Lasting energy with good drive and focus. Makes you sweat a lot and no crash afterwards. Glycerol helps with the pump and great flavor!

Too strong for.

Good, yet max dose didn't hit me til after the workout. Careful!

Crack Pre-Workout Original

Good taste, great energy, amazing focus

Amazing pre but taste is awful

TL;DR: It’s an intense pre, but tastes really gross

As a pre workout, you can’t ask for a more effective and potent option. The pumps are insane and the tingles are intense. This is by far the most effective pre I’ve ever used.
However, the taste is awful. There are days where it’s somewhat tolerable but there are days where the taste is so bad I have to use a different pre because it makes me gag. If not for the taste, it would be a very solid 5 stars.

Magnitude Life Sciences Dark Energy Original
Dark energy

Best pre I have ever used, stayed focus and didn’t fatigue at all. I would recommend to anyone trying to lift.


Everytime this pre-workout delivers. And shipping and delivery with this company is excellent.