Young Blood Pre Workout
Young Blood Pre Workout
Young Blood Pre Workout
Young Blood Pre Workout
Apollon Nutrition

Young Blood Pre Workout

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Mark H. (United States)
Young Blood

Got me in the zone and kept me there, a little too long perhaps. Pretty heavy on the good ole central nervous system, so I'd recommend not taking it too late in the day. I have to knock off one star though. Possibly the worst tasting pre I've ever consumed.

mk (United States)
This hits too hard to be a daily, but it’s still my daily

I love Youngblood….hits harder and longer then a lot of dm$# pwo’s….its listed on the daily pre’s so ima keep doin that. You won’t regret this one

Joe Mooney (United States)
Apollon Youngblood

This is such a nice medium level stim pre IMO. It’s based pretty much on two types of PEAs and 400mg caff. It’s been a nice hitter when I need a little more but don’t want to reach for the DM** or Alpha Yo.

Nate Raese (United States)
Not a bad daily driver

Solid energy, solid for using 4 times a week. The taste is the biggest downside, truly. Especially for a daily driver, I’m after something that doesn’t taste skunky.

Christopher Lawton (United States)

This thing absolutely slaps! Apollon never seems to disappoint. The focus on this is crazy and I wish it was staying around.

Jesus Garcia (United States)
Hooligan Youngblood

Nutrition cartel always coming through with the best prices on all supps, and this Youngblood pre is a solid everyday pre, great pumps, focus, energy and power

jose sosa (United States)
Good pre

One of the best hard hitting pre workouts I’ve tried so far.

John (United States)
Very good pre workout

Clean, sustained energy without feeling cracked out.

James Dingess (United States)
A good pre

Like it better than hooligan for the simple facts it has Lower caffeine and don’t feel a crash off it